Here is what customers say about Champion Tow Ropes We quit using chains and other ropes years ago. What we really like about our Champion Tow Rope is that there is enough stretch to get the energy that we need without the recoil potential that we've seen in other ropes.

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Loop/Sling Tow Ropes

“The Ultimate in Safety, Convenience and ease of Hook-Up!”


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There are Four Styles of Champion Tow Ropes Available

  • LOOP/LOOP = consists of a Loop being braided back into each end of the rope.
  • LOOP/SLING = ropes have a regular Loop on one end and an over sized Loop/Sling on the other end that is large enough to feed the rope back through.
  • LOOP/RING = ropes have a Loop on one end and a Heavy Duty Oval Master Ring on the other end.
  • RING/RING = consists of a Heavy Duty Oval Master Ring installed in each end of the rope which helps extend the life of the rope and increases ease of hook up.


Loop / Loop style of tow rope.


Champion Tow Ropes are easy to handle. They will not absorb water and they will remain flexible in cold weather.

Loop / Sling style of tow rope.

Loop / Sling style of tow rope.


There are Four styles of Champion Tow Ropes available. Loop/Loop Loop/Sling Loop/Ring Ring/Ring

Loop / Ring style of tow rope.

Loop / Ring style of tow rope.


Designed to stretch from 12 to 15 percent. This is enough to absorb the normal shock of pulling and towing, while greatly reducing recoil.

Ring / Ring style of tow rope.

Ring / Ring style of tow rope.


Designed specifically for use as a towing device. Manufactured from monofilament polypropylene. This unique product withstands contact with fuels, fertilizers and various other chemicals as well as being water resistant.

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D8 and a backhoe using a Champion Tow Rope